Thursday, 27 March 2008

Automation for .Net Developer

I always look for opportunities to automate things as far as possible. I do small automation in MS Excel, MS Outlook to automate many day to day tasks to improve productivity. Automation with Microsoft Office product is easy as they all share same Scripting engine. If you know VBA you can master this skill to do automations in any such Office products.

First step is to automate repetitive things. Next step is to a combine all such small automation pieces to form one logical task that you perform often.

I mainly do coding in .Net. As a developer we do so many tasks again and again. Like coding, building, deploying, testing, rectifying identified issues in coding, again going thru same process again and again until you get a good quality product.

For automating these steps in building >net code written in Visual Studio 2003. I use some tools like CruiseControl, Nant, NUnit, NDoc, etc. I am currently in process of automating most of these steps using these tools. Soon i will be publishing it on this Blog, hence keep visiting for code samples.

"Happy Automating"!!

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