Sunday, 13 July 2008

Automating your project compilation,Testing & Documentation for developers

Project compilation,Testing & Documentation for developers; You must be wondering sometime if you can do all this in a just click.

Yes its possible through the usage of following tools
  • CruiseControl
  • NANT
  • Nunit
  • NDoc

CruiseControl very well integrates with these tools. I use Cruisecontrol to manage the build for all my projects. Use Nant to script my build process and NUnit to script my Test cases. NDoc will generate MSDN like help file with every build. Thats Cool!! It always keep my documentation in sync.

I will provide some sample scripts in my future post for your reference. I have script/ sample for all of these tools. And I am sure that will really help you guys in easily configuring the same for your projects.

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Skylabsingh said...

Cruise control is tool developed by thoughtworks. If I remember it correctly. Can you send in more details about it?